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Hi, I’m Chana.
A writer, leadership professor, and friend dedicated to helping you live life inspired.
I’m so happy you’re here. My mom used to tell me that I was born on a sunny day in LA. She said that was the reason for my upbeat, glass-half-full perspective. She said even as a little girl, I had a way of negotiating my own happiness and focusing on the possibilities. Now, I don’t know how scientific her theory is, but what I do know is that I’ve carried that sunny disposition into my adulthood and it’s true I’ve always had a way of finding the silver lining in some of the darkest clouds. Now I’m
sharing it with you. You’re right where you belong. This blog is devoted to sharing ideas, tips and resources for an inspired life and career.

b-light. b-love. b-lieve.

Chana Luchiana

The New F-Word

We’re a culture that appears to revere success, while failure has become taboo. Failure, as
much as it hurts, is an important part of life.

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