The Kettlebell Method

Most gyms and exercise routines use kettlebell training as an addition to their workouts. At Kettlebell Bodyworks 365 the kettlebell is our focus. We then add other fitness tools, bodyweight training, and finally free-weight training.

By this approach we target:

1) Total body conditioning with the kettlebell
2) Calisthenics and body weight training to stimulate functional strength and body sculpting
3) Free weight training for targeted muscle growth and development.

 Personal Trainer means Personal Plan
No matter your fitness level or age; our personal training means we adjust intensity, weight, and your exercise plan to accommodate your current fitness level. We then partner with you to progress towards your overall fitness goals. Whether you have an aggressive goal to lose weight or if you’d simply like to increase overall functional mobility, you’ve come to the right place!


Make a Commitment Today! Here’s How It Works:


Schedule Your Consultation

We sit down with you to assess your wellness and fitness goals and we will review kettlebell techniques will reviewed.

– Average Consultaton:  30-45 Minutes


 Set Up Your Training Package

Choose from our variety of packages that offer a more in-depth training experience. We will focus on building both strength and overall physique. 

– Average Session Time: 45-60 Minutes