Tim Gambles

Certified Kettlebell Coach

HEY! I’m Tim Gambles the founder and coach of KBBW365. I was introduced to kettlebells a while ago, but I didn’t take kettlebells seriously until I needed to change my approach on fitness. Getting close to 40, metabolism slowing down, and life commitments made gym time inconsistent. I needed a change to get the results I wanted – with the time available. I took a closer look at kettlebell training and I was hooked. Within 3 weeks results were very noticeable. An adjustment of my diet and results were undeniable! – I found something that works.

I declared to my friends to be “Fit by 40”… I have achieved the results I was looking for in 3 months. I was so inspired by kettlebell training I went on to become a certified coach. Combine my passion for fitness and kettlebell training with a gift for teaching, and you get an enthusiastic optimistic coach committed to seeing you reach your own goals. I am a US Army (active duty) veteran, published author, mentor/life coach, and minister. I am joyfully married with a family of five kids from 8-17 years old. I love to teach and encourage others to find their potential and excel in what makes you unique.

Kettlebell training… “If you’re confident in your body, you will be confident in your mind and there your potential is unlocked!” This is what Kettlebell Bodyworks 365 is all about.