If you’re in the Providence, Rhode Island area and would like to schedule a training session or consultation you can schedule on this page:

Step 1 

Consultation Session (35 to 45 Min) – $50 :
We will assess your current wellness, fitness goals, and construct a fitness plan.  Kettlebell techniques will be introduced if time permits.

Step 2

Kettlebell Body Works Packages 

  • KB Body Challenge: 
    6 weeks (3 times a week) – $1,100.00
    This package is a challenge for a reason. Designed for someone that is looking for the intensity to incinerate the calories and drop sizes. You bring your commitment, we will bring the challenge! There is a surprise when you successfully meet your body transformation goal. 
  • KB Krossover Package: 
    9 weeks (3 times a week) – $1,350.00
    The KrossOver package is set up for someone that is looking to make a gradual but noticeable change. Intensity is not as high, but the challenge is real!
  • KB Komplete Change Package:

    12 weeks (3 times a week) – $1,620.00
    Komplete Change is exactly that: All of the intensity of the previous package with a longer period of training to yield more substantial results.

  • KBBW 365 Monthly Member:  4-month blocks – $600/mo.
     For someone that has more long-term fitness goals, not looking to become a fitness model abruptly (or maybe you do!) but you still want  to see a change. This package has more flexibility when it comes to intensity and level of challenge. As a monthly member you can choose 2 to 3 sessions per week (must be scheduled)

Each Package focuses on 3 Levels of Progression.

  • Foundation: focus is learning critical movements and mechanics of KB training.
  • Perfecting: reinforce movements, learning basic KB exercises
  • Challenge: once basic movements are solidified, let the intensity rise! 

Progression through each session determined on an individual basis.


***Consultations are prepaid. After your consultation, payment for each package will be due in full at scheduling***.